Our Wedding Reception
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Our wedding reception was held in the Pacific Ballroom of The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach, about 10 miles from the Chapel and also overlooking the water. When we arrived at the reception, we were introduced and walked into the room amid a sea of bubbles. Everyone was having a great time, blowing bubbles and taking pictures of each other with the disposable cameras. After the toast, we managed to eat most of our dinner before people started coming up to our table (a table for two). We started making the rounds, but only got through about 8 of the 12 tables before we had to stop and do our first dance because everybody was ready to party!

We had so much fun -- the soul train line, electric slide, atomic dog (with the two of us leading the pack), and best of all, Mark's James Brown imitation (with tablecloth "cape"). We did the bouquet/garter thing, and the cake cutting went well (no cake-in-the-face smooshing). We had an open bar with a set dollar amount, which was not exceeded so nobody had to buy a drink. Mark and the DJ forgot about the dollar dance, so we didn't do it. Everything was just perfect! We had about 6 or 7 no-shows and they were not missed at all. Nobody tried to sneak in any uninvited guests or children. People kept telling us it was the best wedding they had ever attended, and, of course, we had to agree.

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