The Ceremony
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Our wedding ceremony was held in The Wayfarers Chape, which is set atop a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We were so excited about getting married in this beautiful church. Except for the redwood beams, it is made completely of glass, and is surrounded by trees and lush vegetation. We arrived at the chapel at 12:30, where the photographer and videographer were waiting. It was slightly overcast when we arrived, but the sun soon came out. First, they took pictures of me with members of my family. Then when Mark arrived, the photographer arranged a "bridal presentation" -- they had him close his eyes, walked him over to where I was waiting, then shot the picture of us the moment he opened his eyes. I 'm so glad we decided to see each other before the ceremony. We were able to take most of our pictures outside before the ceremony, when we were fresh (especially my make-up, hair, train, etc.), leaving just the ones of the entire wedding party inside the chapel for after the ceremony. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Our almost 4 years-old ring bearer Mario (the only child at the ceremony or the reception) marched right down the aisle, was quiet during the ceremony, smiled for the pictures, and was just perfect. After we were pronounced man and wife, Mark was ready to stand up right away, which drew a chuckle from everyone. We took more pictures in front of the chapel until our time was up, then it was off to the reception in our white limo. Words cannot describe the joy and relief we felt during the limo ride, along the coast to Redondo Beach.

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