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These are the vendors we chose for our wedding:

  • Ceremony - Wayfarers Chapel (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
  • Reception - Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club (Redondo Beach, CA)
  • Photography - Harrison Piper Photography (San Pedro, CA) 310-831-1695
  • Our Wedding Newsletter - we did it ourselves!
  • Wedding Planning Software - The Wedding Program V4.0
  • Videography - Custom Video Productions (Redondo Beach, CA)
  • Disc Jockey - Douglas Gibbs (Los Angeles)
  • Wedding Bubbles - MG Novelty (Oklahoma City, OK) 1-800-654-3696
  • Invitations - Now & Forever Wedding Stationery
  • Flowers - Flor Decor (Palos Verdes, CA)

These are some of the links I found most useful. (There used to be a lot more than this, but I discovered that half of them were broken so I removed them.)

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