How We Met
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How We Met
The Bride's Perspective

People are always asking me how we met. Well, here's the story: One summer evening in 1994, my friend Jacque called and asked if I wanted to come over and hang out with her and her friend Bill, along with Bill's friend Mark. I had met Bill a few months earlier during one of Jacque's many house hunting expeditions, and remembered that he lived in Washington, D.C. He was in L.A. on business and had stayed over for the weekend with Mark. I wasn't doing much of anything, so I agreed.

During the introductions, we realized that we had met each other before, at my house of all places. Jacque had mentioned on the phone that she thought I had met Mark at the birthday party that she and I had given with our friend Diedre the year before. But my introduction to Mark had come late on what had been a long and tiring night -- I didn't remember him. (Later on I went through the pictures taken at the party, and sure enough, there he was.) Anyway, we were hanging out looking at videos, with me on the sofa next to Jacque, and Mark on the other sofa next to Bill. As we talked, I realized that he was a really nice guy. He was polite, funny, upbeat, down to earth, and smart. Plus he was cute and had a great personality. After awhile, I moved across the room and sat next to Mark (later on he told me he kept dropping his voice on purpose so I'd have to move closer). Right away we found we had a lot in common. We had a great time and before the night was over, had exchanged phone numbers.

The next day I was thinking about how much I had enjoyed meeting Mark, and before I could talk myself out of it, I picked up the phone and called him. I think he was even more surprised than I was that I called, but he played it off, and we talked for a long time. Before we got off the phone, he asked me if I wanted to go out the next weekend, but I was going to San Francisco, so he said he would call me the following week. A week went by, then two, and I still hadn't heard from him. Finally, almost 3 weeks after we met, he called. I kinda gave him a hard time at first about taking so long to call, but he came up with a believable excuse, so I let him slide. We had a great conversation and ended up making a date for the next week. By then, things had gotten really busy with work, so I ended up postponing our date a couple times. In the meantime, we talked on the phone and laughed a lot. He was so easy to talk to, and his sunny personality was so refreshing. By the time we finally went on our first date, we knew quite a bit about each other. And aftrwards, we both knew we wanted to know a lot more. And, as they say...the rest is history!

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